Hire For Today's Market With Direct Hire Recruiting

Employers have many options to consider when it comes to hiring employees for their organization. Most organizations manage the hiring process internally through their HR department or work with an outside staffing firm. There are different types of employment that can be offered: contract hires, temporary hires, full-time, and part-time employees. Though all of these options are viable, there are times when one type of staffing model works better than another.

There are several circumstances where direct hire recruiting should be a top choice for employers. First of all, direct hire recruiting is a good option when filling higher-level roles in management or executive positions that require a long-term, permanent commitment to the organization. The same is true when an employer needs to fill a niche position that has more complex or technical skill requirements. Direct hire recruiting also provides preliminary screening for candidates. Using direct hiring is useful in many instances.

The direct recruiting route is a smart decision when there’s a tight job market. With direct hire positions, employees enjoy benefits as well as job security. More importantly, when an employer has a permanent position that they’ve tried to fill on their own with no success, or they’ve experienced a lot of employee turnover with a certain position then direct hiring is the route to take. There are many additional benefits to organizations with direct hire recruiting.

For employers, the advantages of direct hire recruiting through a staffing agency are many. First, organizations have access to a larger candidate pool, including passive candidates that are often at the top of the ladder in experience and talent. Using the direct hire recruiting services of a staffing agency also saves time by putting the responsibility of job postings, candidate screening, and interviews in the expert hands of the agency. The agencies, "Do all the heavy work", and carefully select candidates that will be a good fit with the employer’s culture, values, and required skill set for the job. All of these steps are taken before the candidates are even presented to the employer for consideration. Direct hire recruiting through a staffing agency also has less risk.

Direct hires are more likely to stay around for the long run and can be more loyal to an employer than a temporary worker who knows she might be onto her next job opportunity within weeks or months. Retraining new employee's costs time which is money, money that can be spent on other aspects of the business.

Overall, depending on your organization's needs direct hire recruiting may be the best possible route. Direct hires have been proven to stay with companies longer and provide a much higher ROI in the process. Primary Human Resources consulting is changing the landscape of direct hire recruiting by focusing on longevity with our clients, guaranteeing the best experience possible and the highest quality candidates.

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